PacDrive runtime software

A better way to automate the packaging process 

We pioneered programming best practices in the IEC languages. The result are applications that are fast executing, easy to visualize and diagnose, and highly modular. 

Pre-tested software code and algorithms come encapsulated inside reusable objects, so 70% of the programming is already done for PacDrive users. With our software libraries, a typical 800-line ladder program takes just 200 lines. 

And unlike conventional PLCs, PacDrive can readily open, read, analyze and execute files, allowing it to dynamically interact with management systems such as MES. 


  • Can use all IEC languages in the same program 
  • Reduce programming by up to 70% 
  • Pre-tested, IEC and PLCopen compliant software libraries 
  • Powerful data handling, unavailable with PLCs 


Our extensive software libraries put you years ahead of the competition