Easy communication throughout all levels

Standardized bus systems throughout all levels permit easy and extensive communication with upstream and downstream machines. This saves not only service time, but also increases the productivity of the entire line.

All kinds of information can be obtained via the LAN interface.

Tailored information for CEO, management, production, administration and service.
Technical Benefits

  •  Short commissioning times
  •  High availability
  •  Uniform programming
  •  Better serviceability
  •  Open communication
  •  Faster innovation cycles 

User benefits with communication throughout all levels

For production

  •  System optimization
  •  Creation of management information
  •  Records for quality statistics 


For service

  •  Faster error search
  •  Detection of sporadic errors
  •  Monitoring functions
  •  Support for staff training
  •  Easy update service 



Via the Ethernet interface, which is included by default, PacDriveTM controllers can communicate with the user from a remote location. Connections via telephone modem or Intranet are suitable options for looking right inside the controller, the individual drives and intelligent modules worldwide. Access to all data improves effective system availability and thus makes your machines even more efficient. Instead of costly and time-consuming on-site service, machine states can be checked, updates and services can be done easily and cost-effectively via teleservice.
Technical details:

  •  Analog modems
  •  ISDN adapter
  •  GSM technology
  •  HTML-technology