EPAS-4 automation toolkit

First time our customers are surprised when they learn how straightforward it is to program and maintain well structured, powerful PacDrive applications.

All PacDrive controllers use the same comprehensive software development environment, EPAS-4. It provides all necessary drive sizing, programming, debugging and diagnostic tools.

With PacDrive and EPAS-4, it's easy to diagnose on the plant floor or remotely because OPC and Web server capabilities are built in.

  •  Proven in over 5 years in the field
  •  One tool for system design and maintenance
  •  Site license provides substantial savings
  •  Built-in remote diagnostics 

EPAS-4 is characterized by its extensive and matured functions and tools:

  •  IEC 61131-3 editors and debugger
  •  Control configuration and parameterization
  •  Task configuration
  •  Watch and receipt manager
  •  Visualization tool
  •  Trace record (software oscilloscope)
  •  Diagnosis tool: message logger
  •  User libraries with management
Resources, control configuration, parameterization

EPAS-4 meets IEC 61131-3 standard, which guarantees that the programs can be reused in the long term. It requires a PC with Windows and can be connected serially with RS 232 or via Ethernet with TCP/IP.

Library Manager

IEC 61131-3 Editors 


 EPAS-4 has one of the most powerful IEC 61131-3 programming tools on the market. All five programming languages of the standard are supported. EPAS-4 generated direct machine code; the result are extremely short run times.

KOP-Editor and Debugger

Comfortable online functionalities 

  • Monitoring of all variables 
  • Debugging with breakpoints, single step, single cycle, call stack 
  • Tracing (scope) of all variables 
  • Writing and forcing receipts 
  • Power flow 
Trace record (software-oscilloscope)