ECAM-4 motion toolkit

The software environment that thinks like a mechanical engineer
The heart of the EPAS-4 development environment is the ECAM-4 toolkit, which vastly simplifies development of powerful motion capabilities.

ECAM calculates powerful algorithms and generates sophisticated software cam profiles. Just input your requirements, and ECAM generates the solution.

An extensive, pre-tested, IEC-conforming software object library reduces actual programming and aids in validation.

  •  Template assures best practices in programming
  •  Automatically calculates powerful algorithms
  •  Converts CAD files to software cams automatically 

Motion design and drive dimensioning

The ECAM-4 Engineering Toolkit was specially developed for motion control applications in electronic packaging machines. With ECAM-4 you can now easily edit even the most complex motion profiles with the Motion Designer and dimension them quickly and safely with the Sizing Calculator. An extensive online help supports you in your work with ECAM-4.
Highlights of the Motion Designer:

  •  Multi-axes motion design tool with virtual or real master axes.
  •  Use of any multi-segment profiles, such as all VDI 2143 profiles or 5th-grade polynomials. There is no limit to the number of segments.
  •  Download of motion functions to all controllers.
Motion Designer

Highlights of the Sizing Calculator:

  •  Import of cam disk tables via Excel spreadsheets or Nolte's OPTIMUS MOTUS software.
  •  Database for servo drives and gears
  •  Predefined applications such as general load case, belt, spindle, cogwheel/pinion and cam drive
Input mask of the Sizing Calculator
Drive Database
Results of the Sizing Calculator