PacDrive SCL-055 - Motor and Amplifier in One

Thanks to its trapezoid shape, the new PacDrive SCL-055 servo drive can be perfectly integrated in the turning table and mounted right next to each other. What makes this servo drive so special are its integrated electronics, which render void additional amplifiers and thus switching cabinets on the turning table. This milestone makes particular sense for applications in the packaging sector, e.g. capping, as the low space requirement is a major advantage particularly in the beverage industry. The user enjoys easy and cost-effective wiring, as there is only one connection cable for each SCL.

The new servo drive with its high IP 67 protection means is ideally suited for wet applications - apart from the beverage sector, this includes liquid pharmaceuticals or liquid food. Hart Coat® makes the PacDrive SCL resistant to chemicals, which are necessary for aseptic filling. The reinforced A bearing permits a higher radial load, which makes the drive suitable for direct combination with a belt drive. 



The SCL-055 servo drive is perfectly suited for wet applications.

The drive has a high performance density, low loss and ELAU compatible high-resolution encoder with electronic type plate (Sincos, 1 mn pieces of information per revolution). rpm. Up to 99 PacDrive SCL-055 servo drives can be handled by one PacDrive controller. 

SCL Highlights: 

  • Electronics integrated in the motor
  • Revolutionary trapezoid shape
  • High-resolution single- or multi-turn encoder
  • Electronic type plate
  • IP 67 protection means
  • Hart Coat®
  • Easy and cost-effective wiring


Technical data  


Standstill torque [Nm]


Rated speed [rpm]


Peak torque [Nm]