PacDrive iSH Series

Intelligent Servo Modules make packaging machines simpler, compact, modular, agile

We, credited with first enabling mechatronics in packaging machine design and more recently with introducing the advantages of modularity to packaging machine automation, have launched the next advance in modularity, its new PacDrive™ iSH Series of Intelligent Servo Modules. Pushing beyond the limits of conventional servo motors, drives and look-alike actuators, the self-contained servo modules increase machine performance, flexibility and overall value by streamlining the implementation of servo control in packaging machinery.

In so doing, we are offering packaging machinery designers and users the enabling technology to more effectively implement consumer marketing, supply chain management and lean manufacturing strategies. Complementing our documented advantages in modular automation software, this modular hardware approach promotes new engineering efficiencies, plug-and-play machine integration and maintainability in the field.

Logical progression of our successful beverage servo module
Recently, our PacDrive SCL and SCL Aseptic intelligent servo modules radically changed most of the world's major OEMs' approach rotary capping and labeling machinery design. Not only are these modules purpose-built for capping head and labeler bottle plate applications, they utilize a similar approach to central shared power supply and onboard power distribution module to overcome the obstacles to applying servos on rotating carousels. The PacDrive iSH extends this concept to packaging machinery in general.

Simplified design reduces costs and increases reliability
Instead of mounting servo drives in a cabinet or mounting cumbersome power supplies on the motors, we have developed an efficient system with a centralized power supply and a single hybrid cable and interconnect that provides the motion bus, power, brake control, I/O signals and safety functions to each servo module. Separate and costly encoder cables and I/O bus wiring are eliminated, as is the potential for a single point of failure found in ring or daisy chained actuator networks.