Robot P4

Complete robotics packages for Delta 3 kinematics
Everything fi ts together: Robot mechanics, servo systems, and robotics library provide a ready-to-use solution. In addition, complete packages, including engineering, can accelerate the integration of robotics into an application.
4 delta-3 robot kinematics: With standard motors, available in washdown configuration up to IP 65 

The P4 delta-3 robot (P4s-F standard version), featuring full stainless steel construction, is designed for pick & place applications. The software includes a preprogrammed interface for integration of the most commonly encountered vision solution. The P4 can be equipped with an optional rotational axis (P4s-R). The P4 robot arm is driven by conventional motors with cabinet-mounted servo drives (P4s-F or P4s-R) or by intelligent servo modules with integrated control electronics (P4i or P4i-R). Thanks to their IP 65 rated washdown confi guration, the P4s-F and the P4s-R are also suitable for hygienic environments. 




P4s-F / P4s-R  

P4i-F / P4i-R

Load capacity (nominal)

1,5 [kg]**

Speed max.

10 [m/sec] 

Max. acceleration at 1kg

100 [m/sec²]

Max. acceleration at 1.5kg

75 [m/sec²] 

Number of axes 

3 (4*)

Repeatable position accuracy

+/- 0,1 [mm] 

Work envelope height

225 [mm]

Work envelope diameter

1200 [mm] 

Work envelope rotation*


Protection class

IP 65


* inclusive rotational axis for R-model
** Loads above the nominal load are possible with restrictions. If required, contact the Schneider Electric contact person.