Robotics integration

The integration of robotics into the machine control solution is one of the outstanding aspects of the PacDrive automation system. On the software side, the integration of robots is made simpler by an IEC-compliant library with Equipment Modules (EMs) and Application Function Blocks (AFBs) for motion programming and transformation to all commonly used kinematics. Thanks to the availability of complete robot arm mechanics, there is also no longer any need to develop customer-specific kinematics or to integrate third-party products. This permits even faster creation of robot-enabled machine designs.

  • One controller can control machines and multiple robots
  • Software integration using Function Block library
  • Fully integrated IEC 61131-3-compliant software, no additional programming tools
  • Easy access to process parameters
  • One development environment for machines and robots
  • Transformation modules for popular robot kinematics: Gantry, Scara, Portal, Articulated, Delta 

Integral automation structure components 

The PacDrive system supports an almost unlimited variety of kinematic configurations, allowing robotics to become an integral part of a machine's automation architecture. The high performance C400 and C600 automation controllers are capable of synchronizing up to 16 or 99 axes respectively into a real-time multiaxis system. From the controller perspective, therefore, a robot is reduced to a motion control system with a corresponding number of servo axes, which can operate under demanding real-time conditions. In this way, the controller can manage one or more robots in addition to other machine functions within an IEC 61131-3-compliant program.